Kimberley Garlic キンバリー・ガーリック

ポールスターピラティスオーストラリア エデュケーター

Polestar Pilates Australiaエデュケーター。ダンスを教えながら、Australian Catholic Universityでスポーツ科学と同時に栄養学を学ぶ。スポーツセンターで多様なクラスやパーソナルトレーニングを行い、その他に自身の栄養学のセンターを運営。1996年にマットとリフォーマーの資格を取得し、スポーツクラブでピラティスも教え始める。2003年にPOLESTARのスタジオコースの資格を取得し、同時にSydney Universityでピラティスの学位を取得。その後もすべてのPOLESTAR の資格を取得。その他にも、Myer Briggsのパーソナルプロファイリング、Acu Energetics, ライフコーチングなどを学ぶ。現在はSydneyとByron Bayに自身のスタジオを運営している。 

Kimberley Garlick is a part of the Australian Polestar Educator team. Kimberley’s Pilates related background began with full time dancing. She studied sports science at the Australian Catholic University, while simultaneously pursuing her Nutrition Diploma and teaching dance. Kimberley managed Sports centres, teaching all styles of classes and personal training, and ran her own nutrition centre. In 1996 she completed her first mat and reformer courses and began teaching Pilates in sports centres along with her other classes. In 2003 Kimberley completed the Polestar Studio training and simultaneously finished a Diploma of Pilates through Sydney University. Since then Kimberley has completed the Polestar Diploma, Certificate 4, Mat and Reformer training. Kimberley has done many other course including Myer Briggs Personality Profiling, AcuEnergetics (AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing modality, that integrates Chinese, Judaic, Indian and western healing traditions into an accurate energy medicine) and Life Coaching. She is a Life style presenter for large business firms and has her own studios in Sydney and Byron Bay.